Welcome to Exceptional Excellence Coaching

Have you ever felt like there was a bigger life for you, somehow just out of reach, if only you could get motivated and take action? Do you have a dream and just don't know where to start? Could you use a reassuring but assertive voice to help you get moving again? Are you willing to take inventory of your strengths, and then turn those strengths to your advantage?

I celebrate and coach unique people in all dimensions of their lives. I create a safe and accepting space free of judgment and full of possibility. In this rich and fertile space clients grow their ideal lives.

I coach people who are gifted, people who are gifted/disabled, people who are creative, people who have AD/HD, people with Asperger's, people who are quirky, people who are eccentric, people who almost, but not quite, fit in. I resonate and intuitively understand.


Nona Wright, Life Coach


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