Welcome to Exceptional Excellence Coaching, the coaching practice of Nona Wright, ACC, CPCC.


Are you stuck? Are you frustrated? Feel like you are getting nowhere?  Are you unsure of where you want to be going? Are you having trouble balancing life and work? Would you like a safe accepting place where you can gain insight, grow and achieve your goals? Could you use a supportive listening ear? How about a structure to help you stay focused? Are you ready to take your many great creative ideas and see them become reality? Are you facing a. new, exciting challenge like starting a new educational program or career? Are you a solopreneur who could use more structure and accountability in your business?

Working with a coach can help you with all of those things and more. You will be able to clarify your values and set goals in alignment with your values. You will lose the frustration and gain the satisfaction of taking action to achieve your goals. You will have a safe, creative, confidential space to explore your choices and make decisions.


If you would like to experience a complementary sample coaching session send a message through the contact page.